Big Story of the Bible Forum

The Big Story of the Bible & How We Share it with Children

A Faithfull Generation Forum in Partnership with Children Matter

12th October 2017 – 10am – 4pm

Selly Oak – Birmingham

Price: £30 – includes hot midday meal and refreshments

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Who is it for?

The forum seeks to bring together those who want to explore together how we share the biblical story of God’s desire for humanity and His relationship with us, with children. You will find it helpful if you are:

A staff member for a Christian agency or denomination with a responsibility for ministry with children.
Working with a Christian publisher.
A local church worker seeking to stretch your own thinking about how your church and the families within it share the big story of the Bible.
Someone who help train local church workers.

What will we explore?

1 What is the Big Story? (The Theology of Storytelling)

• What is the Big Story?
• Different ways of understanding and interpreting the Big Story
• The experience of being immersed in the Big Story

2 Needing the Big Story (small-group study & large group feedback)

• Places in the Bible where God’s people heard the Big Story (eg. Joshua’s speech Joshua 24; in songs of worship Psalm 78; Stephen’s speech Acts 7; faithful people Hebrews 11)
• What are the differences in the ways the Story is told?
• What were the circumstances?
• Why did they need to hear this?
• What effect did it have on them, if any?

3 Research on self-esteem and value in children

• Presentation of headlines from recent research reports eg. The Good Childhood Report 2016
• Brief small-group responses

4 Why explore the Big Story with children?

• God’s story and God in it – big story, big God
• The Big Story and God’s people – the invitation to belong, the invitation to wisdom
• The Big Story and the child – a vital part to play, now and in the future

5 Ways of telling the Big Story – 6/8 minute short talks

Compiling a set of approaches from the practitioners we work with, to help us all explore the Big Story with children. These will be interspersed throughout the day

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