Big Stories and Personal Discovery

little boy studying the scriptures.

The Big Story of the Bible

Every part of the Bible – each event, book, character, commands, prophecy and column – must be understood in the context of one storyline. In many cases the approach to faith formation has been built around a series of disconnected Bible stories and memory verses.

Today we are all looking for the “BIG” story of life and the Bible provides that story. As we explore this story it is important that we discover not only the content but that we also become a part of this story – God’s story. It is our privilege to help others find their place in God’s big story.

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Encountering Jesus

In an entertainment driven, visually stimulated, “I’m bored” generation there is a tendency to fill our program time with children with lots of activity, noise and busyness so as to maintain attention and hopefully communicate something of value. While we need to be cognizant of the ‘times and the seasons’ and use a variety of resources, there is a danger that we fill our spaces so full there is no time for our children to hear the voice of God.

It is important for us to create the spaces where children can encounter the living Jesus. It might be a prayer space. It might be a book we suggest. It might be a question we ask to provoke them to reflect. It might be a bible reading plan we suggest, a worship album we promote or a prayer habit we model.


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