The foundations of a faithfull generation

Community with Diverse and Multi-ethnic People

Faithfull Generation is a national conversation about mission, discipleship and children. The Church faces a challenge. Are we reaching children outside our Sunday community gatherings? Do our own children persevere in their own faith? Yes and no is the answer to both questions. So how can we be more effective

Discover 5 Habits of faith forming churches

What are the strategies and practices of sticky churches? What do they do to help encourage a faithful generation?

Here are 10 key insights to stretch your thinking about faith formation and children. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook or via email to discover the detailed biblical insights and practical resources relating to that we will be sharing and discovering in the coming months.

Community: Helping the church to thrive as a growing, intergenerational faith community, whilst supporting the family as a key place of spiritual nurture. Read more

Encounter: Creating opportunities for children to connect with the big story of the Bible and space where they can encounter the living Jesus for themselves. Read more

Dialogue: Encouraging life journeyed together in the community, within peer relationships and supported by mentors and the wider community. Read more

Milestones: Enabling peak experiences in the lives of children and celebrating key moments and anchor points in their life and spiritual journey. Read more

Action: Allowing children to contribute as active participants in mission and giving them the opportunity to respond with compassion to the world around them. Read more